WOSO Board

Peter Kitayimbwa, Executive Director

Peter is a founder of the Widows and Orphans Support Organization (WOSO) in October of 2012, along with Isaac Nkoyoyo, Betty Nandaula, and Judy Shepherd. He was supported throughout his primary, secondary, and undergraduate university education through Compassion International. In 2013, Peter received his undergraduate degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Uganda Christian University (UCU) with first class honors. He started WOSO and became it's director while still an undergraduate student at UCU.

In 2015, Peter was provided an opportunity to join a two year fellowship program with Urban Promise International in the United States, and to study for a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In July 2017, Peter received his masters degree and returned to Katovu to resume his role as executive director of WOSO. Peter was born and raised a Katovu village where WOSO is located.

Betty Nandaula, Board Secretary

Betty has served on the WOSO Board from it's inception, and is currently Board Secretary. She is also a Compassion International graduate and a current Compassion employee. Betty was supported throughout her entire schooling by Compassion, and through their support of her educational and physical needs she was able to obtain a university degree. She holds an undergraduate degree of arts in Education from Makerere University.

In 2009, Betty began working at Compassion International's project which cares for vulnerable children as a health officer in Lwengo District where WOSO is located. Currently, she serves as Project Director of Compassion's Katovu Child Development Centre. Her passion is for working with vulnerable children and women, and she continues to not only be active on the WOSO board, but she is also is actively involved in WOSO's micro-credit and school projects.

Isaac Nkoyoyo, Board Treasurer

Isaac is a strong advocate of children's rights, and since 2007 he has worked for three children's organizations in rural Uganda, which champion the rights of vulnerable children, especially the right to education, health care, safety and shelter. Currently, Isaac is the Projector Director of Compassion's Kayonza Child Development Centre. He also serves as the team leader of the umbrella association of all children organizations in Rakai District.

Isaac received an undergraduate degree from Kyambogo University in Education, and later joined Uganda Christian University for a Master's degree in Public Administration and Management. Isaac has also served actively as a WOSO Board member from the organization's beginning.

Judy Shepherd, Ex-Officio Board Member, US Fundraising Coordinator

Judy holds a PhD in Social Work and came to Uganda as a Fulbright Scholar to teach and conduct research in August of 2012. She taught as a Lecturer in the Social Work and Social Administration Department at Uganda Christian University from 2012-2015. She also served as a Fulbright Specialist at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in September and October of 2017. Judy currently resides in San Diego, California, and is a Lecturer at San Diego State University in social development and social policy. In 2018 she brought students from San Diego State University in California to Uganda for a study abroad class. Judy has served as a board member since WOSO's beginning.

WOSO Staff

Deograceous Kyakuwa, Deputy Head Teacher, Shepherd High School

Deo was born and raised in Katovu where WOSO operates and runs its secondary school, Shepherd High School. He is the face of the schoo since he recruits all of the high school students, and he is part of the team that recruits all the staff.

Deo is also an alumni of Compassion International where his educational and physical needs were met from 1997 - 2014. He graduated with an undergraduate degree of arts in Education from Uganda Christian University. Deo has been with Shepherd High School since it's opening in 2015.

Rose Nabankema, WOSO Accountant

Rose joined WOSO and Shepherd High School in 2015 as an accountant. She holds a bachelors degree of Business Administration from Uganda Christian University, which she received in 2014. She is also a Compassion International Alumni who was supported with all her needs as she was growing up.

Rose keeps books of accounts for all the students at the school, and her patience with all of the students, parents, guardians and visitors she sees in her job is highly valued and appreciated. Rose has also been with Shepherd High School since it opened in 2015.