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WOSO currently sponsors two micro-lending group for widows and guardians of vulnerable orphans in the commuinty. Women interested in this project, develop a business idea and commit to work with and assist other members of their group to accomplish their goals. Each woman participating in the micro-lending project receives a small loan (averages from 100,000 to 200,000 sh, or $40 to $80 USD) to invest in their project. Loans are repaid in 6 months at which time the initial money is loaned out to another community member to assist them in their business plans. Already women have started busiensses such as pancake making, selling of second hand clothes and making mats. The funds generated from these busineeses will be used to assist the family in home improvement and paying school fees for other children in the family. Many women are on the waiting list already for the next micro-lending group.

Village leaders meeting with WOSO board members
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